Singles Club: Creepoid

Let's establish a couple of facts, my friends. First, Creepoid is awesome. Next, I love Creepoid. If you don't already love Creepoid, I'm concerned. And finally, you obviously should also love Creepoid.

Not totally convinced? Fine. As you know, this fine foursome came down from Philly last summer and played one of my Bad Behaviour series of shows and totally melted minds along the way. I think mine is still recovering. They're continuing to do witchy, magical things from up Northerly, as exhibited with the painfully gorgeous "Golden String." It's got everything you could possibly want, guitars hearkening to the crunch of 90s grunge, breathy girl vocals and dude vocals that saunter across time and space, and an overall psych-heavy sound hearkening to Wonderland. Just like honey, indeed.


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