Meet Truman Peyote

If Truman Capote had ever wandered into the desert naked and totally off his rocker, having overindulged on some seriously hardcore peyote while babbling about breakfast at Tiffany's, the results might have ended up sounding a bit like the music made by, wait for it, Truman Peyote. Yes, I'm a sucker for a band with a witty play on nomenclature, but there's more to this Wisconsin-based wackiness than just a cute name.

True, the great Capote probably didn't twiddle a keyboard knob a day in his life (minds out of the gutter, children), but Truman Peyote makes up for this with their trippy, trashy dark electropsych that's heavy on the bleeps. Something almost wicked this way comes, threatening, in its way, to show you a good time, whether you like it or not. Fair warning: these jams do not drive 55. They also get their remix on from time to time, efforts which are also worth checking out.



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