Crossing The Pond: The Cult of Dom Keller

"We make sound," proclaims The Cult of Dom Keller's Facebook page. Mind you, friends, that's like saying William Blake messed about with woodcarving and poetry. I've never been much inclined to join a cult, but I'd consider it for this lot.

Experimental psychedelic noise is the cheat sheet for what's going on here, loves. The long version involves song after song of incredibly textured, intricately magic epics. I think they've actually melted my mind, because I'm having a hard time stringing together cohesive thoughts. This is officially heavy, wonderful stuff, not for the faint at heart but perfect for those with serious soul. If they told me to follow, brothers and sisters I would follow. Consider me the newest disciple of The Cult of Dom Keller. Come join the cult, won't you? 



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