Crossing The Pond: The Graceful Slicks

It's good to see the lads of the Beatles aren't the only old school rockers resulting in cleverly cute band names these days. Lads and ladettes, may I present to you The Graceful Slicks, four Oxfordian gentlemen hellbent on taking you down the rabbithole with them. No need to ask Alice, then.

To quote themselves, the band is a "psychedelic/shoegaze/surf" band. If only it was that simple. It wouldn't be difficult to imagine the four Graceful Slicks in brightly-colored flared cords and floral ladies' blouses, swaggering about the late 60s with the coolest of the cool kids. There's a definite flourish to their sound, pomp and circumstance to all those hazy undulations and scruffy preening, not to mention a serious dose of underlying seductiveness. Their songs were tailor made to be played at very loud volumes while doing very scandalous things.

Obviously, I'm already smitten. Now it's your turn.


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