Album Review: Ringo Deathstarr - Shadow EP

My oh so very favorite Austinian psychgazers Ringo Deathstarr are fixing to work on their second full-length, y'all, and this notion gets me all sorts of elated. In the meantime, they've recently released the tasty little four-song EP Shadow to fill the void for slightly less than patient types in need of their fix (like yours truly, for example).

Opening title track "Shadow" reads so very MBV along with, dare I even say it, some beats that make me think of that ubercatchy Soup Dragons song "Divine Thing." Yes, really. Work with me on this one. Between Alex's breathy purr and Elliott's throaty shouts, the song takes on a very appealing duality behind all that wonderful droning fuzz. "New Way" is brief but intense, clocking in at just over a minute but packing a wallop all the same, especially as the song winds down and Elliott goes berserk for a moment with his guitar.

There seems to be a natural break in the songs, the first half being the really noisy side and the second half taking it down a notch. "Prisms" is a dreamy, almost languid piece of lushness. Call it daydreamgaze, if you will. "Just You" closes things down with some hazy, spacey retro-tinged ethereal noise. It's a 60s pop song reinvented, in a way, and I like it.

Also, the band is currently accepting donations for assistance with the recording process. They've got various levels of fundraising rewards left so that no matter what your wallet has it in, there's a way to get involved and help ensure that this seriously talented trio can make more beautiful music for all of us to enjoy.

mp3: Shadow (Ringo Deathstarr from the Shadow EP)


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