The Untitled Interview #175 – SXSW Edition: Starring Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me)

One of the first harbingers of Spring is not, in fact, the adorable, fluffy robins hopping along looking for worms or the bold yellow bursts of daffodils blooming. Sure, the longer days and Daylight Savings Time act as pretty good indicators. But they're not what I had in mind. Nay, friends, one of the first signs of the new season is SXSW, the week of music and mayhem down in Austin. I wrangled some of the bands I'd want to see, if I was going, to get their take on this year's installment of South by Southwest.

I probably don't talk enough about Scandinavian bands, y'all. Let me make it up to you, starting right about now. Team Me, of Norway, doing their darndest to take Texas by storm, makes big, beautiful music, very grand and very dashing and yet very cute. Also, they cite Nintendo as an influence. Bonus points! Dual threat Marius Drogsås Hagen (he sings! And plays guitar!) had this to say about messing with Texas. Spoiler alert: action figures. Enough said.

Fuzzy Logic: How are you getting to SXSW: plane, train, or automobile?
Marius Drogsås Hagen: We are flying to the U.S.

FL: Inevitably, you will forget to pack:
MDH: Things like toothbrush, socks, action figures and light sabers.

FL: How many showcases/parties will you be playing?
MDH: I think we are doing about 3-4 showcases during SXSW.

FL: Band you're most looking forward to seeing at the festival?
MDH: I can't wait to see Of Montreal! They are one of my favorite bands at the moment and I haven't seen them before.

FL: What's the first thing you plan on doing upon arrival in Austin?
MDH: Just walk around and breathe in the atmosphere.

FL: What was the first festival you ever attended, either as a musician or member of the general public?
MDH: I remember going to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark when i was 18. It was pure magic and I got to see Slayer perform in front of 30,000 people! Amazing. I also fell in love during that festival. What a week that was...

FL: Favorite thing about festivals?
MDH: I think it's all about peace and love basically. People usually attend festivals with the best intentions ever; hang out with friends, meet new people or lovers, listen to music and get a certain collective feeling I guess. I also love discovering brand new music.

[Photo by APPARATET]


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