Sounds Of SXSW #6: The Spring Standards

SXSW is upon us once again, my friends, and sadly, for mostly work-related reasons, I won't be there (alas, alack, etc etc). However, there are plenty of good bands that will be in Austin, and I'm going to post little somethin-somethins for y'all to enjoy, whether you're headed down to Texas or not.

Haunting is the first thing that came to mind when I listened to "Only Skin" for the first time. In the song, The Spring Standards create a heavy amount of wistful reminiscence, weighty with sadness and almost fragile in its prettiness, given voice by earth angel vocals and a pervasive air of what-if ("We never got to end the thing we never could begin"). Grab a hankie and prepare for repeated listening.

3/13 - Weirdo's - North By North Austin (5pm)

3/14 - All Saints Episcopal Church - Summons To Create (2pm)
3/15 - Betsy's Bar - Harris Radio Liquid Lunch (12pm)
3/15 - Continental Club - Hello Booking! Showcase (2pm)
3/16 - Holiday Inn Town Lake (5pm)
3/16 - Hilton Garden Inn, 18th Floor - Official Showcase (1am)
3/17 - Bangers, Rainey St (12pm)
3/18 - Weirdo's - North By North Austin (3pm)

mp3: Only Skin (The Spring Standards from yellow//gold)


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