Sounds Of SXSW #5: Tashaki Miyaki

SXSW is upon us once again, my friends, and sadly, for mostly work-related reasons, I won't be there (alas, alack, etc etc). However, there are plenty of good bands that will be in Austin, and I'm going to post little somethin-somethins for y'all to enjoy, whether you're headed down to Texas or not.

I don't know how it hasn't happened already, but I'm pretty sure I just fell in love with Tashaki Miyaki. Their song "City," an ode to Los Angeles from whence they hail, is a sort of re-imagined, re-worked marriage of the impossibly gorgeous Mazzy Star vocals of Hope Sandoval with dreamy, slightly scuzzy shoegaze (think My Bloody Valentine on 3). It's the kind of song you might just want to go on forever. Or maybe that's just me.

3/15 - Cheer Up Charlie's (6:30pm)
3/16 - Latitude 30 - NME Showcase (8pm)


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