Sounds Of SXSW #23: Twerps

SXSW is upon us once again, my friends, and sadly, for mostly work-related reasons, I won't be there (alas, alack, etc etc). However, there are plenty of good bands that will be in Austin, and I'm going to post little somethin-somethins for y'all to enjoy, whether you're headed down to Texas or not.

I tend to get a little excited when something comes my way billed as sounding like the vintage sound of Flying Nun Records. So when Twerps was brought to my attention, I got that little tingle of anticipation. And friends, they do indeed call to mind that lo-fi, poppy fuzz of the glory years. I am officially in love with the hazy morning sunshine pop of "Dreamin," and it wouldn't surprise me if you ended up feeling the same.

mp3: Dreamin (Twerps)


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