Sounds Of SXSW #2: Hooray For Earth

SXSW is upon us once again, my friends, and sadly, for mostly work-related reasons, I won't be there (alas, alack, etc etc). However, there are plenty of good bands that will be in Austin, and I'm going to post little somethin-somethins for y'all to enjoy, whether you're headed down to Texas or not.

There's something almost lusciously dark about the sophisticated synthy slink of New Yorkers Hooray For Earth. Their song "Sails" is almost architectural, heavy and solid like the finest piece of urban skyscraper yet constantly shifting, and I all sorts of love it. I've seen HFE live on more than one occasion, and have yet to be disappointed. Friends, go see 'em.

3/13 - Club Deville - Pianos/Prefix Party (12:30pm)
3/14 - Flamingo Cantina - Under The Radar Party (2:25pm)
3/14 - Side Bar - Banners Party (6pm)
3/14 - Lovejoys - #MEGABLAAG Party (11:45pm)
3/16 - The Jacked Stage - Spirit Music Party (2pm)
3/16 - Music Makers - Terroreyes Party (5:15pm)


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