Sounds Of SXSW #18: Summer Twins

SXSW is upon us once again, my friends, and sadly, for mostly work-related reasons, I won't be there (alas, alack, etc etc). However, there are plenty of good bands that will be in Austin, and I'm going to post little somethin-somethins for y'all to enjoy, whether you're headed down to Texas or not.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that today was the nicest day of the year here in the DC area. The sunshine and blue sky balminess made me think today the perfect day to give a little love to "I Don't Care," the too-cute little gem by California girls Summer Twins. It's the 80s meets the early 60s in this little frolicking hip-shaker, and the result is a sunshine superman lollipop of a sweet song. Lovely.

Mar 16 - Domy Books - KXLU / The Smell "What by Whatever" (3:40pm)
Mar 16 - Grand Pool Hall - Burgerstock #2 (11:30pm)
Mar 17 - Lipstick 24 - The Deli Magazine (12:50 pm)
Mar 17 - Spider House - Burgermania (10:45pm)

mp3: I Don't Care (Summer Twins from Summer Twins)


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