Reminder: First Annual Fuzzy Logic Anniversary Throwdown is This Weekend!

Y'all. I know you're sitting there, working your brain cells and trying to figure out what exactly to do come Saturday night. Let me reassure you that you need wonder no more. Your ladyfriend has you covered for a night of guaranteed good times and even better music. The solution to your quandary is quite simple.

The First Annual Fuzzy Logic Anniversary Throwdown

Saturday, March 31st.

Comet Ping Pong.


Be there then and you will three, yes three, great bands and be confident in the knowledge that you are going to have one heck of a night. Bands playing this little anniversary soiree are, to refresh your memory, Mercies (DC), Bad Liquor Pond (Baltimore), and The Snowy Owls (Richmond). There will be loudness, noise, fuzz, and other such splendid things. You should be there for sure.

See y'all there!


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