Meet Speedy Ortiz

Grunge as we know it is long since gone. But every now and then, along will come a band that follows the creed "Grunge is dead! Long live grunge!" And for that (and other things, of course), I love them.

Speedy Ortiz might fall under what you'd call post-grunge. The classic elements are there, muddy, deliciously murky messes of instrumentation, dudes in hats (see photo at right), and a badass lady sounding sassy and snarly at the same time. These Masachussetts rascals have just released a little two-song taster, and the more I listen to it the more I'm drinking the Kool Aid.

"Taylor Swift" is a song after my own heart ("I got too many boyfriends to see you tonight"), complete with a heady dose of heavy, grungy grit, and if you made me pick my favorite song of the two it would probably win. Though "Swim Fan" for its' part packs quite the punch. Which, when you look at who the engineer/production team of these songs has worked with (Pixies, Thurston Moore, Dinosaur Jr. to name a few) all makes sense.

I've been told Speedy Ortiz will be making an appearance in the greater DC area one of these days, and you can pretty much put money on my being in attendance. In the meantime, we've got these songs. Works for me.


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