Frame-Worthy #3: First Annual Fuzzy Logic Anniversary Throwdown 3/31/12

I don't know about y'all, but I'm a sucker for a good piece of show posterage. The medium really took off in the 60s, when those incredible psychedelically-influenced posters began to grace the music-loving world with their brilliant colors and wonderfully maddening swirls. These days, poster art is alive and well. Naturally, I've decided it's a subject worth paying attention to.

So you might have already heard, but two weeks from today there's a seriously bitchin show that's gonna be happening. It involves the furiously fantastical song stylings of not one, not two, but three amazing bands: Mercies, Bad Liquor Pond, and The Snowy Owls. Oh, and yours truly is somewhat involved. Ok, fine, it's my anniversary party. And you're all invited! Come to the one and only Comet Ping Pong Saturday, March 31st and get your face totally melted off by all the awesome. The poster alone, designed by the fantastic and multi-talented Matt Klimas of The Snowy Owls, should be enough to entice you. See you there, dearest darling friends!


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