Crossing The Pond: Black Jash

Somewhere across the vast expanses of Atlantic Ocean dwells the dastardly/dynamic duo Black Jash, enfants terribles full of gritty and teeth-gritting music with tongue firmly ensconced in their collective cheek. The has a band goes through drummers on a par with Spinal Tap, and writes songs that not only encourage rocking the fuck out but having quite a giggle whilst you do.

Their recent (and FREE) EP A not O is a collection of four spazzed-out, ghoulish, hilarious full-on garage scuzz jams. At times they fall somewhere in between the salacious balls-out rock of the much-missed Sluts of Trust and the clever musical contortions of The Phantom Band, and at other times they exist on their own wacky, brow-furrowing musical planes. And damned if I don't love the line, "It doesn't really matter cuz you can't understand my provincial accent." You actually shouldn't need subtitles for these cheeky chappies, but do prepare to not be able to get them out of your system.


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