The Top 12 of 2011: #7 - The Flying Eyes

In years past, I've tended to fret and stress and just about hyperventilate about the whole "so many records to catch up on, so little time" situation that is the creation of those end of year/best of lists. In order to alleviate some of the fretting (and the frown lines!), I've decided it was time to streamline the whole process and make it something beautifully simple. I chose a dozen records that I've really loved this past year, and ranked them. The rankings, friends, come courtesy of the ole iPod. It's practically scientific, y'all! What the iPod says goes. At least, this time anyway.

Why I Decree It To Be So: There is rock & roll, and then there is sexy rock & roll. And what Baltimoreans The Flying Eyes hath made on Done So Wrong is a whole lot of deliciously dark, fucking sexy goddam rock & roll. Loud, long and winding roadhouse bluesy psych of the highest order is what you'll find here. The songs are out there and then some, living in a glorious realm of beautiful, aching enveloping darkness. This record is so dang fine that it's nearly impossible to quit listening to it. It's records like this that really call for more hours to be added to a day, because 24 simply aren't enough. If I had happened to pick this record up sooner than September of last year, odds are good it'd be even higher on this list.

mp3: Clouded (The Flying Eyes from Done So Wrong)


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