The Top 12 of 2011: #6 - The Black Angels

In years past, I've tended to fret and stress and just about hyperventilate about the whole "so many records to catch up on, so little time" situation that is the creation of those end of year/best of lists. In order to alleviate some of the fretting (and the frown lines!), I've decided it was time to streamline the whole process and make it something beautifully simple. I chose a dozen records that I've really loved this past year, and ranked them. The rankings, friends, come courtesy of the ole iPod. It's practically scientific, y'all! What the iPod says goes. At least, this time anyway.

Why I Decree It To Be So: "Another Nice Pair, one of the Black Angels duo of RSD treats, is a compendium of two EPs put together all nice and convenient like on one super sexy, lollipop luscious translucent cherry red vinyl. Yummy doesn’t even begin to cover it. Side A contains 2005’s The Black Angels EP, four fiery, furious, politically-leaning heavy psych classics-to-be. The flip side offers up the magic carpet ride delights of 2008’s Black Angel Exit EP, an extra special happening since none of the four songs can be found on any US versions of the band’s LPs. The whole thing comes to a close with “Black Angel Exit/Shine,” an epic track that almost makes me think of early, rambling Verve songs, where the foursome from the North of England tried out their own brand of psychedelic odysseys. As with most Black Angels songs, it’s nigh on hypnotic." (more here)

mp3: Winter '68 (The Black Angels from Another Nice Pair)


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