Stone Coldest Foxes of 2011: The Black Angels

Believe it or not, y'all, but everyone's favorite objectification-filled Best Of category gave me the damndest of hard times this time. For whatever reason I had quite a doozy of a time figuring out which fox of all the multitudinous musicland foxes would win the so very coveted title of Stone Coldest Fox of 2011.

After much (much much much) thought, flip-flopping, and dithering back and forth, I've decided it's just about time to bestow upon one of my favorite current bands the title of Stone Coldest Foxes of 2011. That band, naturally, is The Black Angels. I'm sure this surprises approximately none of you hot stuffs. Austin's finest not only makes some of the sexiest psych rock around, but they're also pretty sexy themselves. Yes indeed. Making amazing music is foxy enough, as is being easy on the eyes, but see this band live and I'm pretty sure you'll understand why all five of them are sharing the title.

mp3: Black Angel Exit/Shine (The Black Angels from Another Nice Pair)


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