Singles Club: Neverever

Oooh oooh! And oooh some more! I do so enjoy the words "new Neverever song," y'all, and that's exactly what I've got to share with you this very evening. My favorite pair of transplanted pseudo-Southern California Scots have got themselves a couple ranch hands and have put out a new EP to listen to. If it's anything like their divine LP Angelic Swells, I'll be a happy girl.

The new song in question, "Mexicoco," the band hones their girl group gone surfing after downing a bottle of the finest whiskey in the bar. The ode to relationship annoyance ("This could have been my number 1 summer/but because of you it's just a bummer") is cute as can be, and I'm betting the rest of the Shake-A-Baby EP is much the same.


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