Singles Club: Bright Moments

Let's be real here, my little amours. Monday mornings are not fun, as a rule. So as we all sit around, trying to ward off the inevitable arrival of another morning of Mondayness with a serious case of the sads, let's do the weekly bedtime procrastination dance to a new little ditty, shall we?

Kelly Pratt, aka Bright Moments, has done the multi-instrumentation thing for LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, and Beirut, and is now bounding his way into the solo realms. "Travelers" is off his new release, Natives, on the global go-getter label Luaka Bop, and it is fabulous. The song is a serious party and a half, lively as all get out and the perfect thing to listen to when trying to stave off a case of the work week blues. If this is indicative of what Pratt can do, I'm about to be all ears, y'all.


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