Happy Valentine's Day/Let's All Make Out

Well, February 14th has arrived. I've pretty much of the belief that today is nothing more than a trumped-up Hallmark holiday, designed to merely make some bank for the chocolate sellers, floral pushers and card makers out there as opposed to being a day during which you actually show affection to your nearest(s) and dearest(s). But that's just me. I'm sure some of you have a significant whatever with whom you shall be spending a lovely evening with. And I'm thrilled for you.

Seeing as this is one of those holidays that means different things to different folks, I've decided I'd to try to cover any and all feelings commonly associated with Valentine's Day in this here little mix. I have, of course, kept most of the tone all about making out. Because to me, that's what we should all do all the time! Believers, non-believers, lovers and haters alike, this one's for you. Happy daggum Valentine's Day.

m4a: This Is Hardcore (Pulp)

m4a: Sexy Results (Death From Above 1979)

m4a: Cupid (Sam Cooke)

mp3: Heavy Petting (Dead Confederate)

mp3: Got My Eye On You (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

mp3: Underwear (The Magnetic Fields)

mp3: All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You (Crocodiles)

m4a: Greatest Gift (Sluts Of Trust)

m4a: Love Is A Charm (Immortal Lee County Killers)

m4a: Cupid Come (My Bloody Valentine)

m4a: La La Love You (Pixies)

m4a: Let's Make Out (Does It Offend You, Yeah?)


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