Singles Club: The Cinnamon Band

Lord knows I like covers. I also like The Cinnamon Band. Coincidentally, the Charlottesvilleish duo just announced their plans to undertake a little series they're calling 12x12, otherwise known as their "attempt to get busy and stir the pot in 2012 by releasing a free cover song download approximately every month." A rather admirable undertaking, if you ask me. Especially since they're giving each and every cover away free of charge.

The first installment in this series of a dozen delightful covers is the band's treatment of "The Hammond Song," as originally done by The Roches. The simplicity and the earnestness with which The Cinnamon Band recorded the song makes it a must-have. To me, it's ever so slightly reminiscent of early 80s Bruce, with that warm, enveloping ease to it. I predict, friends, that the more you listen to "The Hammond Song," the more you're going to love it.


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