Meet The Missionaries

You might recall, dear friendlings, that upon recapping my first MaCRoCk experience from this past April, I commented on how verily much I had enjoyed watching the expansive, enchanting Roanoke outfit The Missionaries. What started off as a solo project for Seanmichael Poff (member of those magical Young Sinclairs) grew and grew and grew until heaven knows how many folks meander in and out of the music-making.

The number of Missionaries is of little concern, really. What matters here is how lovely the music being made is. And The Missionaries, friends, make some awful pretty music. It's a little like taking the beautiful 60s-slanted psych trips of The Young Sinclairs to foggy mountain mornings, branches dropping leaves on a gentle breeze and elfin voices bouncing from hill to hill as mist undulates and pulses through the trees. Indeed, the band says it themselves. "Let's take to the hills," they say in the triumphant "What Cannot Be Broken."

Fans of rambling, spellbinding earthen folk loveliness should most certainly not miss out on The Missionaries.

mp3: USO (The Missionaries, free for a limited time - more here)


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