Free For All: East Ghost

Times are tough out there, and for many of us buying music has become quite an indulgence (albeit a necessary one). Happily, there are some lovely musician folk out there that have offered up some fruits of their labors to the masses, free of charge. Free For All celebrates these wonderful people, and you, dear reader types.

It pleases me greatly to be able to share this next little burst of music with you, fair folks. East Ghost not only hails from the East Coast (naturally), but right here in this very metropolis. They've also got one heck of an adorable little ghostie mascot, which certainly adds to their appeal.

The local quartet bleeds all sorts of pretty emotiveness, very much in a vein reminiscent of the dramatically divine Editors. Their five-song EP St. Elizabeth's is full of sweeping, earthily ethereal soundscapes and haunting melodies, proving DC can indeed put out some lovely tunes (and not just the loud stuff). Theirs is the stuff of misty mornings and mutedly glowing sunsets, slow burning all the while.

mp3: Godspeed (East Ghost from the St. Elizabeth's EP)


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