Frame-Worthy #1: The Diamond Center/White Laces/Super Vacations/The Snowy Owls 1/20/12

I don't know about y'all, but I'm a sucker for a good piece of show posterage. The medium really took off in the 60s, when those incredible psychedelically-influenced posters began to grace the music-loving world with their brilliant colors and wonderfully maddening swirls. These days, poster art is alive and well. Naturally, I've decided it's a subject worth paying attention to.

It's fitting that the first poster I'm going to bring to your attention was designed by Matt Klimas, seeing as he did design the FL logo. Not only is Matt a rather intrepid designer, he's also a musical multi-tasker (example a: The Snowy Owls, who played a killer set at this very show). I love pretty much everything about this poster, from the simplicity of the color palette to the giggle-worthy kitties at the bottom. It's great, in my humble opinion.


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