Crossing The Pond: The Creeping Ivies

Ivy, in plant form, can creep, crawl, or occasionally cover entire buildings. The Creeping Ivies of Dundee, Scotland, do a whole lot of rockin' and rollin'.

Dastardly duo Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction list influences ranging from The Stooges to The Cramps to The Ramones, and imagining those three engaged in scandalous sonic behavior isn't a bad place to start when pinpointing the modus operandi of The Creeping Ivies. The twosome specialize in stripped-down, taut as fuck, rough rock and roll, with Becca's voice taking on an almost guttural, deep growl as Duncan maniacally, mechanically inflicts some pain on his drums.

They're a bit spooky, these Ivies, a bit ghastly in their audacious, no-frills noise. And I do believe I rather like them, oh yes indeed.

mp3: Head To Tail (The Creeping Ivies from the Rock'n'Roll Party EP)


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