Xmas Gift Guide 2011: Waterloo Records Stuff

I've probably already gone and talked a whole bunch about how SXSW 2009 was one of my most favorite concert-going experiences of ever. So I shan't harp on that, not today. What I will instead foam at the mouth about is Waterloo Records, and the amazingness therein.

You see, darlings, when I was last in Austin I spent a couple happy hours (and, was my wallet not so strapped at the time, probably could have spent an entire happy day) perusing the rows and rows of glorious records that line those four glorious walls. I came home from Austin with lots of good music, and with a dandy of a Waterloo tote bag (you can still catch me sporting it out and about DC these days). It never fails to warm the cockles of my heart when a stranger stops me and comments on how awesome the bag/the record store is. Some people just get it.

I promise there's a point to my rambling. What I'm getting at, loves, is this. I have no doubt that each and every one of you know someone that would appreciate, nay, love, a piece of Waterloo merch. Or a Waterloo gift card. OR a record from the extensive, mind-blowing collection at Waterloo, perhaps even a staff fave. And all of the above would make a great gifting. So go check it out and make someone's holiday very happy indeed. We all know record stores are an endangered species these days, so we have to make sure to show the ones we still have that they are loved.


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