Xmas Gift Guide 2011: Recycled Record Bookends

I'm sure many of us are not just into music, but into the whole reading thing as well. For example, yours truly is reading Lick Me, Cherry Vanilla's fantastically raunchy autobiography, at the moment, and have tons of books waiting on me to hurry up and get done so I can get to them.

Anyway. Once more I digress. If you, like me, happen to have quite a few books and limited space, you'll probably have run into the problem of how to stylishly yet functionally display/store your reads. Happily, the most excellent Uncommon Goods has for sale a solution to this most vexing of problems: The recycled record bookends! These babies are perfect for propping up your copy of all manner of music bios and design tomes and whatever else happens to be lurking in your own personal library (or the library of someone on your Xmas list!). Thumbs up on these, y'all.


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