Through A Lens Fuzzily #10: National Championship Bear

For those of you who might not know this about me, I'm a little bit of a crazy college football fan. No, not quite crazy enough to go a-tree poisoning, but crazy enough that I briefly contemplated selling an organ in order to afford tickets to this season's national championship game. Why? Because this gal of yours bleeds crimson and white, y'all. As an alum of the wonderful University of Alabama, you can't really not love football. And by love, I mean be a little crazy about.

My cat, Bear Bryant (spoiler alert: that's a hint about my football fanaticism right there), is also a little bit crazy, though I suspect his to be more of a general insanity (see: photo). But you can bet Bear's as excited as I am about Bama's rematch with those Bayou Bengals of ole LSU on January 9, 2012. Which, by the way, I should mention, is a day during which I will be thinking of nothing but football.

There's no better song to include with all this football talk than the one I'm gonna give to y'all. And as a Bama fan, you get pretty familiar with this song, since it ends up getting played at every home game. Hot damn, it sure does sound pretty. Only a month and two days to go...

mp3: Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (Ryan Adams) (thanks to Cover Me!)

[photo by Megan Petty]


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