Singles Club: Sea of Bees

Crossbill Records is home to good Fuzzy friends The Loom, but it's also home to some other pretty amazing folks. One such amazing folk is Jules Bee, otherwise known as Sea of Bees. This California girl makes songs full of milk and honey and does so in a way that is nothing short of hypnotic.

"Marmalade," from the 2010 Sea of Bees release Songs For The Ravens, is effortlessly glorious, powerful yet extremely lovely. Miss Jules has her a voice that could lure a thousand sailors to their untimely deaths on the rocks, so make sure to catch her siren song for yourself. There's a softness to her voice, to be sure, but along with that pretty racket backing her, there's nothing here for the meek or mild.

Crossbill, in their infinite goodness, is running a buy one get one FREE deal until the New Year, so perhaps you'll find yourself taking advantage of that rather awesome deal.

mp3: Marmalade (Sea of Bees from Songs For The Ravens)


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