Singles Club - Holiday Edition: The Sky Drops

Those of you who are less than pleased with the Christmas season at large, fear not. I've not left you out of this barrage of holiday music. I've got a pretty little ditty for you that snipes at the season and dares to get its Grinch on. All while sounding nothing but charming and beautiful, naturally.

The Sky Drops, that Delaware duo prone to the fabrication of luscious, fuzz-minded treats, has recently offered up their version of a holiday song, "Christmas Feels Like Halloween." They make no bones, surely, and the song is a gem no matter what your stance. Softly-strummed, the pair creates a feel of warmth through the derisive sentiment, their lovely harmonizing and glowing ember acoustic guitar serving as a nice departure from the grittier racket they tend to favor. It's almost reminiscent of the sound of early 90s Britain, somewhat idyllic but with something frustrated bubbling under the surface. I highly recommend the consumption of this song for Christmas friends and foes alike.

mp3: Christmas Feels Like Halloween (The Sky Drops - more here)


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