Singles Club - Holiday Edition: Candy Claws

Sometimes I just want a holiday song that's like a yum yummy world of marshmallowy goodness (think "Marshmallow World" as done by Sammy Davis Jr. for the ultimate example). Cute, frothy, poppy, and daggum catchy all make for a winning combination in a Christmas song, if you ask me.

And bearing that in mind, obviously I totally love the impossible to resist darlingness of this darling Candy Claws song, "Snow Face." It has that breathy sweetness of flushed cheeks and gently falling snow, not to mention an aura of vintage white trees decorated with pink and blue and silver blown glass ornaments and strung with endlessly sparkling tinsel. Oh yeah. Tinsel is where it's at, y'all. And so is this song. Too cute!

mp3: Snow Face (Candy Claws - more here)


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