Singles Club - Holiday Edition: AM

We've reached that two week mark, my friends, until Christmas Day is upon us. I don't know about y'all, but one of my favorite things about this particular season is the music. I just simply love Christmas music (all-time favorite being the incredible Christmas With The Rat Pack), and I love to hear bands of today taking on popular holiday songs.

"Christmas Time Is Here" is one of those holiday standards most of us have been hearing since, well, birth. It's one of those songs, too, that can sound a little cloying, a little too much, so I get pretty excited when I see someone's gone and given it a facelift.

Especially when the someone in question is that delightful gent AM, purveyor of lovely vintage lounge pop sounds. AM's rendition of "Christmas Time Is Here" is almost calming, making it the perfect thing to pop on while recovering from an 11th-hour present shopping run. Accompanied by the sunshiney strums of an acoustic guitar and some subtle loungitude, AM's voice envelopes. It's a rather pretty treatment, and I highly recommend adding it to your Xmas music rota.

mp3: Christmas Time Is Here (AM - more here)


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