Singles Club - Holiday Edition: The Active Set

Sorry, y'all. I can't stop myself. I'm in the Christmas music zone right about now. But I'll switch it up a little, throw y'all a curveball if you will.

Los Angelinos The Active Set has entered the holiday music stakes with their original little indiepop ditty "Making Out (Is The Best Part of Christmas)," a sentiment I can certainly get behind. In fact, I would argue that making out is the best part of ANY holiday EVER. But back to the song.

The dudes, donning their best (or perhaps worst) holiday sweaters, are currently offering up a free download of this here slick, sassy, sweetly synthy indiepop ode to a little holiday fluid-swapping. And what's more Christmas-y than getting someone under the mistletoe?

mp3: Making Out (Is The Best Part of Christmas) (The Active Set - more here)


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