Singles Club: Bare Wires

Man alive, it's raining all sorts of cats and dogs and lions and tigers and bears out there. In other words, it's gloomy as hell. But ain't nothin' like a kicky little song to get yours truly thinkin' about things other than being water-logged. And as it would happen, my iPod decided to shuffle over to a little piece of sass as recorded by the delightful Bare Wires, and sure enough it did the trick.

"Don't Ever Change" sounds a smidge like a lost recording of a naughty little T. Rex song, all scuzz and grit and very much akin to "Bang A Gong." For a second I wondered how this long lost T. Rex number came to be, and then I realized what I was listening to. It's like Marc Bolan's less fond of eyeliner little brother just discovered rock'n'roll, and he's out of control (my apologies, Art Brut). Sounding a bit like a vintage anthem of sorts, it's a teensy bit glam and a whole lotta rough love, and it's a fucking fantastic song. Rainy days be damned.

mp3: Don't Ever Change (Bare Wires from Cheap Perfume)


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