Singles Club: Baby Baby

Ladies and gentlemen, I have had the pleasure of seeing Atlanta's dirty rotten scoundrels Baby Baby live, and know the kind of throw-down shit they can throw down when they get plugged in and on a stage. Seeing as it is New Year's Eve and all, I thought it would be fitting somehow to share this little ditty with you to get you in the mood for a night of debauchus festivus.

Let the bad boys of Baby Baby inspire you, friends, with their penchant for gettin' up to no good, nekkidness and gettin' good and sweaty. "We Do This All Night Long (Shake That Ass Girl)" is a party song if ever a party song there was, full of driving, rollicking Southern punkishness and a Pied Party Piper vibe. They call it "Fun Rock," and that's about what it is. Throw this on your stereo tonight and sit back as the good times get goin'.

mp3: We Do This All Night Long (Shake That Ass Girl) (Baby Baby from Money)


  1. baby baby's new video for Haters just dropped!


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