Free For All: Jupiter

Times are tough out there, and for many of us buying music has become quite an indulgence (albeit a necessary one). Happily, there are some lovely musician folk out there that have offered up some fruits of their labors to the masses, free of charge. Free For All celebrates these wonderful people, and you, dear reader types.

I'm a sucker for a good back story, and Jupiter certainly has just that. The Paris-based pair first met in the Great Smoke of London, "on an empty dancefloor, cleared by a slightly too retro hit." One can only imagine the song that would clear a London dance party, but it's the sort of planets-aligned, universe-sanctioned fated meeting that could only end up working out rather well for all parties involved.

And speaking of parties, in the spirit of the season, the synth-retro-dance loving duo is offering up a little holiday mix they made to add a little holly jolly to your party. And to make things even better, the mix is free. I'd imagine this is a limited time offer kinda thing, so make sure you snap this fabulous little retro fever firecracker mix up sharpish.

Jupiter's Christmas Carols by wearejupiter


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