December 8: Beady Eye Day

Fun factoid for you, friends: Oasis was my first live music experience, way way way back in the dark ages of 1996. Not only did those Mancunians blow my mind (and my eardrums, this being long before I realized the benefits of aural protection), but Liam Gallagher firmly cemented himself as my first official Band Crush.

True, my fangirl status gradually decreased as the years went by and I began to abandon my former Britpop obsessions, but I was pretty disheartened when Oasis finally called it a day (possibly for real this time).

Tonight, however, I'll be going to see Liam perform once again, this time under the Beady Eye moniker (along with former Oasis compadres Andy Bell and Gem Archer, and non-Oasisian Chris Sharrock). I'd be lying to you lovely people if I said I was anything other than giddy, because it's true. I'm excited. From what I've heard, the vintage-laden tunes will translate rather nicely to the stage, and the 9:30 Club is as good a place as any to see the gents do their thing.

And so it is, ladies and gentlemen, that I hereby decree today, December 8, 2011, to be Beady Eye Day, in honor of the return of the Prodigal Liam to the greater DC Metro area.


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