Album Review: Cut Copy - Zonoscope

It didn't take me all that long to decide I loved the danceable excellence that was In Ghost Colours. But for some reason, my friends, it's taken me quite a little while longer to get all loved up on Cut Copy's latest effort, Zonoscope. However, after finally wrapping my head around it, I've succumbed to Cut Copy's warm, sparkly embrace. And I must say, it's a rather nice place to be.

Things get off on the right foot and then some on Zonoscope, that much I've known since the first time ever I did listen to it. "Need You Now" is a stunner, bringing an epic feel to the dancefloor with all sorts of synthy sensations, slinky yet emotive vocals, and a backbeat that just won't quit. When I think about it, really, I think that was initially part of the whole problem. I loved that one song so very much that it was hard to tear myself away long enough to listen to the rest of the record. Obviously, this is Cut Copy's fault for putting such a great song at the beginning of their album.

Once I moved on, "Take Me Over" won me over. It's a party song if ever there was a party song. The bass seems to fondly recall Big Country's "Down Under" jam, which is somewhat apros pos (if not a little startling). Aussies have to stick together, no? This song is the kind of song that just begs for a big night out (like, quite frankly, more than a few of those Cut Copy songs tend to do). The third nugget off Zonoscope, "Where I'm Going," has also been a favorite since my initial spins. The slowed-down yet steady groove propels the song sassily along, and I more than kinda dig it. "Pharoahs & Pyramids" makes me think a whole lot of mid-80s New Order, with the bleeping and the bounding bass. "This Is All We've Got" is a newer favorite, anthemic and sparkly and perhaps a touch romantic. Lovely.

All in all, I still don't know if I love this one quite as much as In Ghost Colours. Let's face it, that's a hard act to follow. But Zonoscope sees Cut Copy doing what they do so very well, and I think you'll find this a mighty fine listen.

mp3: Take Me Over (Cut Copy from Zonoscope)
(via the excellent Tell All Your Friends' Best of 2011 list! Go look!)


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