Xmas Gift Guide 2011: Light In The Attic 2012 Vinyl Subscription

I don't know what gives. I keep asking for this one, year after year, and nobody gets it for me. So I figured, what the hell, I'm persistent, I'll bring it up again. And now here I am, bringing it up. Again.

This, my little elves, is the Light In The Attic 2012 Subscription, a gift that would seriously brighten any music lover's morning, noon, and night. For $150 (US residents, you international types, or non-vinyl folks, have different rates), you get a whole mess of goodness. I'll pull from the subscription page so you can get the full run-down of what's included.


* The first 8 CDs, 8 LPs, or 5 Digital* releases from Light In The Attic in 2012, excluding box sets
* 15% off ALL online orders for the entire year, excluding subscriptions
* First dibs on various rarities and exclusives throughout the year
* Our first Light In The Attic Family T-Shirt. Yes, we’ve been slow to get off our asses and make a damn shirt. We are fortunate to have talented Seattle illustrator Drew Christie do the honors. The shirt is free as part of your subscription.
* And to make it feel official: a fancy 2012 Membership Card
* Free shipping within the USA**

* Due to licensing restrictions, unfortunately not everything will be available digitally.
** Please email for international shipping rates: subscriptions@lightintheattic.net

All of the above sounds pretty dang fine to me, I don't know about y'all. And so it is that once again, the LITA subscription has made its way onto my wish list. If anyone was wondering. Wink wink nudge nudge.


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