Through A Lens Fuzzily #9: Bear Bear Stare

One thing my dear former roommate Chelsea astutely noticed about my beloved fluffy Bear, apart of course from his total adorableness, was his lack of blinking. Even to this day, that darn cat rarely seems to blink. Make of that what you will. But even when he's not blinking, he's pretty much the cutest thing around. Except when he's tearing my flesh with his claws or biting me. Well, even then he's precious.

In honor of Chelsea, and her Bear-ian observation, here's a great little New Zealand indiepop gem, courtesy of The Chills. Because if there's one thing Chelsea and I agree on, apart from my cat being awesome, it's that Kiwi bands are pretty dang great.

mp3: Pink Frost (The Chills from Heavenly Pop Hits: The Best of The Chills)


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