Singles Club: Woodsman

Two drummers. Two guitarists. If you ask me, there's something serendipitous and magical about that arrangement, friends. Some fearful symmetry, if you will (have to get a Blake-ism in from time to time). This is especially true of the Denver/Brooklyn collective known as Woodsman. These four gentlemen make some interesting music, as I'm sure you'll heartily agree.

"Satisfaction is never guaranteed," they warn, but I'd beg to differ. I find "Specdrum" all sorts of satisfying, no need to strike out the old Richards riff and Jagger moaning in this case. The song builds from a hypnotic shimmer to something almost tribal. It's a wacky trip through time and space, this one. For what Woodsman has hereby created we should all be oh so very obliged.

mp3: Specdrum (Woodsman from the Mystic Places EP)


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