Singles Club: Airship

Ah, Manchester. Who knows what it is about that hulking, Victorian-heavy city that has inspired, and continues to inspire, some of the most important music to come out of Great Britain?

To be fair, I'm not sure if the up-and-coming Manc Airship is there yet, but this little song of theirs has certainly given me pause for thought. "Kids" has all the hallmarks of becoming a hit, full of an effortless air of sonic pomp and circumstance, along with that effortless English knack for pulling a full-scale anthem sound out of thin air.

The song has that tingly feel to it, rosy-cheeked and giddy and full of excitement. It's a song that shows off the sonic flourishes and dramatics of Editors, but with a lively, jubilant feel. Not a trace of melancholy here. The song is over far too soon, which only means that it bears repeating. Often. Frequently. You get the idea.

mp3: Kids (Thinnen Remix) (Airship - more here)


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