Our Daily Vinyl #9: The Magnetic Fields

It is a sad but true fact of life that I once derisively mocked anyone who opined how amazing vinyl was and how music just sounded better when played on a turntable. Now, in a somewhat ironic twist of fate, I’ve come to realize, well, it’s true.

Hot damn it's been a while since we had some ODV up in here. Let's get back into it with a little Diamond Center love for those divine Magnetic Fields, shall we? Kyle and I disagree on which Magnetic Fields record is our fave (I prefer 69 Love Songs, while Kyle opts for Charm Of The Highway Strip), but we both agree that this band rules. Says Kyle, "Originally owned the cd, bought the vinyl reissue last year. This is a perfect record from front to back. A concept album about, in my opinion, the freedom (or not) of living (or not). Sort of. Songs about traveling, trains, vampires, eh? It came out the year I graduated high school. I'll definitely be listening to this album the rest of my life." Indeed.

m4a: WTT (The Diamond Center from My Only Companion)

[Logo by the fantastic Bill Taylor; Photo of Kyle Harris by Megan Petty]


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