Newsflash!: Fuzzy Roadtrip!

It's about time to take the great sponsorship train down the road apiece, I do believe. Time to get out of town and see some great music in a different landscape. Richmond sounds about right. And there's no better way to get the further afield shows started than with one of my favorite DC bands (Mittenfields) and one of my favorite Richmond bands (The Snowy Owls). And so, next Thursday (12/1), that's what we're gonna do.

It brings me immense happiness to have these two bands playing in the same space on the same night on the same bill. Joy! There will be noise. There will be fuzz. There will be effects pedals galore. There will, if you're one of the first 25 folks to arrive, be tiny pumpkin pies. There will be good times and then some. And all of those, Richmond friends, can be yours, for the low low low price of zero dollars.


Yes, RVA friends. This killer twosome is giving you musical lovin' for absolutely no money. So come to the show at The Republic. Hang out with us. Get your food and drink on. And buy some of their wares. And ring in the weekend in the best possible way. The show starts at 10, don't you dare be late!

mp3: Cascades (Mittenfields from The Fresh Sum EP)

mp3: Yr Eyes (The Snowy Owls from Yr Eyes)


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