Newsflash!: Fuzzily-Sponsored Show Tomorrow!

Dearest Dears! Have I got a newsflash for you! Your favorite blogstress is now sponsoring the event of tomorrow night, happening over at the Velvet Lounge. Why, what's that you say? You don't have plans? What a coincidence. I do believe your plans have been made.

But wait, you might say. Who's all playing over at the Velvet Lounge that should make me want to spend my Friday night there? Good question. And I've got a good answer. If you come and play tomorrow evening, you'll see four, yes four, incredible, wonderful, beauteous, splendid, and fantastic musical acts. That, if you ask me, is a total bargain and totally worth every penny/minute. I don't know what else you'd possibly have to do on a Friday evening, but it wouldn't be remotely as delightful as this show will be.

Here's the lineup. As you'll see, the awesome happens from top to bottom.

* Letitia VanSant
* Cat Martino
* The Loom
* The Echo Wall

Seriously, y'all. You're not going to find better tomorrow night. So come on down and spend your Friday night with us!

See you soon. Kisses!

mp3: Helen (The Loom from Teeth)


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