A Mix Betwixt Friends: "Friend"

Into every life, a little crush must fall.

Or, for some of us, a whole lot of crushes must fall.

I’m convinced that we all have (at least) one person who drives us crazy, gets us hot and bothered, and is, in one way or another, totally and utterly unavailable. Theoretically speaking, of course. Being inherently prone to complicated attachments, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that I’ve got quite a list of such gentlemenfolk, but this here mix is dedicated to one of them in particular. It is, shall we say, the soundtrack I envision playing when the two of us should next happen to find ourselves left alone. And that’s all I’ll say about that.
I hope you’ll enjoy it, and maybe even make use of the potentially potent, scandalously seductive combined powers of the music below for yourself.

m4a: I Want You Right Now (MC5 from Kick Out The Jams)

mp3: Tokyo Witch (Beach House from Beach House)

m4a: WTT (The Diamond Center from My Only Companion)

mp3: Rosie (Lower Dens from Twin-Hand Movement)

mp3: Crushed (The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Methodrone)

mp3: Vessel Rises (Voyageurs from Alien Iverson)

mp3: Slide Away (The Verve from Voyager 1)

m4a: Stumble (Calla from Collisions)

mp3: Black Angel Exit/Shine (The Black Angels from Another Nice Pair)

mp3: Chloe (Ringo Deathstarr from Colour Trip)

mp3: Trophy Queen (Guards from the Guards EP)

m4a: Let's... (Sluts of Trust from We Are All Sluts of Trust)


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