Meet Canary Oh Canary

Other than my wonderful friends (and, well, the wonderful architecture and wonderful food), the thing I miss most about living down in Richmond has to be the music scene. For being a relatively small city, the seven hills of Richmond are most certainly alive with all sorts of sounds. If you've been a reader for a while, you'll already know the name I'm about to share with you. I've had the pleasure of hosting their first two DC shows of ever, though I suspect they won't be the last.

Canary Oh Canary, though newish on the scene, are already making some serious noise down there in Richmond. Their beautifully brutal shoegaze gazing longingly yet truculently into the eyes of post-punk is a sound you need to hear. At times brutish and harsh, the songs on the band's EP Last Night in Sunway Knolls command attention. There is a darkness to these songs, a prowling forbidding wrapping every which way around songs like the epic, shape-shifting "Embrace" and the title track, shadows even lurking behind the more theatrical "Face In A Magazine."

Having seen this band twice now and having heard their EP many times, I can hereby proclaim Canary Oh Canary to be the real McCoy. So go ahead, friends, pull up a spot right here next to me on this here bandwagon. You'll be glad you did.


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  2. Michael Harl's introspective yet expolsive vocals mixed with the spatial sounds of an 'unknown pleasures' rhythm section made for a a trip into the future and past of post-punk. I felt like I was relaxing on a damp day under an umbrella discovering a long lost gem of the 'cure-pornography' era only to be jolted out of my dream by the sonic fireworks that are unique to 'Canary oh Canary' --- thoughts after show @ Commercial Tap House, Dec 4th 2011.



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