Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

It's that wonderful time of year once again, when we Americans stuff our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie, put on our sweats, and sit in front of the TV for hours at a time watching various levels of football. Yes, I speak of that beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving time.

For four days, I'll be doing not much other than ingesting turkey, lapsing into turkey-related food comas, and cheering on my dear Crimson Tide against the Barn (pardon me, Auburn) in the Iron Bowl. Oh, and being thankful for things. This means that you'll have to miss me for a couple days, my loves, but I'll be back this weekend once the turkey chemicals wear off.

Here's a little mix to get you in the thankful Thanksgiving spirit, comprised, naturally, of bands from a land where Thanksgiving isn't celebrated (ah, United Kingdom).

m4a: Thanks For The Pepperoni (George Harrison)

m4a: Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Peter Sellers)

m4a: Thank You (Falletingme Be Mice Elf Again) (Magazine)

m4a: Wham Bam Thank You Mam (The Small Faces)

m4a: Thank You (For Living) (Clinic)

mp3: Thank You For Being You (The Pastels)

m4a: Thank You (The Charlatans)


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