Get Yer Pedals Out: Starring Allen Bergendahl (The Snowy Owls)

I couldn't quite tell you why, but for the longest time I've been somewhat moderately obsessed with pedals. Since I'm no guitarist I don't really have a valid reason for this, other than the fact that they both make pretty noises and are rather nice to look at. Much, really, like the folks who use them. I've decided to turn my inexplicable pedal fancy into Fuzzy Logic fodder, and I do hope you'll enjoy my foray into the ins and outs of pedal worship.

Bassists, I'm sorry. I've been neglecting you. And it's silly, because I love you all so very much, and you can make just as much noise as those guitarists. So let me begin to make amends by presenting to you the pedal musings of one heck of a bassist, Mister Allen Bergendahl of The Snowy Owls. Richmonders can check out Allen doing his thing with his band of Owls along with DC noisemakers Mittenfields this very Thursday at The Republic. But for now, check out what floats Allen's boat, including but not limited to Strymon Timeline.

Fuzzy Logic: Which pedal is your very favorite and why?
Allen Bergendahl: Big Muff for sure. It is super gnarly sounding and I pretty much leave it on all the time. Although stock Big Muffs have a pretty serious issue for bass which is they suck the low end out, big time. I found a fellow who was making a classic Big Muff circuit (civil war circuit, for the Big Muff fans) with a few key component changes to allow the low end through. Plus there are several other handy controls to tailor the gain and break up of the signal. BIG MUFF!

FL: Favorite chord?
AB: No chords, I only solo. Squiddly-wah!

FL: Who's your guitarist icon?
AB: Dave Fridmann. Bassist and Engineer, like myself. Although significantly more badass.

FL: With all the pedals out there, how do you decide which ones to procure?
AB: Pedals are relatively cheap, so sometimes you can just go for it. I also have the good fortune of being friends with Matt and get to try out all his pedals. I have a few other pedal junkie friends and so I've heard a bunch of em!

FL: What's your dream pedal?
AB: Recently, a friend got this crazy delay pedal. A Strymon Timeline. HOLY SHIT! It makes everything sound like it's from outer space! From thecoolestshitiveeverheard galaxy! I feel kind of like a shill saying that, but it's crazy super cool! Maybe they will send me one if I say nice things?
[photo by Matt Klimas]


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